Sixth Form Pupils Excel in Work Experience Placements

05 Feb 2024


Our Lower Sixth pupils have been having a fantastic time and cultivating their talents on their work experience placement from King’s.

Find out more about their individual journeys below.

Florence R enjoyed an amazing work experience at the Paxton and Glew Art Gallery, where she learned the ropes about gallery administration and customer service, alongside assisting the artists in the studio. She has learnt so much and gained many new contacts who have provided inspiration for her future university studies and working practice. She made the most of the Brighton location, visiting many galleries and met with both artists and filmmakers during her stay.

Bobby L gained invaluable experience in recording and composing under the guidance of Tommy Hewitt Jones at the Henry Wood Hall in London. This opportunity allowed Bobby to delve into various aspects of music production. His experiences ranged from assembling an organ to assisting as a page-turner for a professional pianist. He also honed his skills on industry-standard mixing desks and played a crucial role as an additional listener in the recording room.

Reflecting on this experience, Bobby shared that these learnings will help him improve his own music and he enjoyed every part of his work experience.

Rupert B trained as a digital engineer at Laing O’Rourke. He was set the task of creating a digital reconstruction of an office building through a modelling software called Revit 21. He had to use a programme called Lumion to design a surrounding for his office building.

Rupert says he got a lot of satisfaction from seeing his finished model. He would like to thank the team at Laing O’Rourke for making this experience possible.

Angelika K was delighted to be offered a work placement with the King’s Rochester Pre-Preparatory School. She worked with different classes and learned what it is like to work within the education field.

She read to children, taught them and also learned a lot from them! Angelika says this experience has helped her improve her self-confidence and will be beneficial for her future career goals.

Lennox C spent a week at Boeing and learned how service manuals for aeroplanes are edited and produced. What he found especially interesting was how much information goes into each component of an aircraft and how they all work in unison to allow the plane to fly.

Lennox enjoyed talking to Boeing employees listening to each of their stories of how they got into this line of work. He also got advice from former aerospace students on getting into the field himself.


Senior School Deputy Head Mr Owen Smith says as part of their aim to make King’s A School for Life, work experience is hugely important for pupils. “Not only does it give them the opportunity to learn more about the careers they aspire towards, but also allows them to discover skills they will need in a 21st century workplace,” he adds.