St Swithun’s prep school teacher appointed High Performance Learning Global Lead

27 Jul 2020

Jenny Davies, year 3 teacher at St Swithun’s prep school in Winchester, has been appointed a High Performance Learning (HPL) Global Lead Teacher.

HPL is a philosophy which recognises that all children have the potential for high-level achievement, regardless of ability. It is an approach embedded across the curriculum and all areas of school life at St Swithun’s. HPL systematically teaches even the youngest of pupils the skills and behaviours that will enable them to achieve the best they can during their time at school and equip them to succeed in the next stage of their education.

Having worked at St Swithun’s prep school since 1989, Jenny Davies has been recognised as a teacher who can act as a global leader within a network of practitioners across all HPL schools. She will share her knowledge with others and will develop a network of like-minded teachers. In addition, other staff at St Swithun’s will benefit from new ideas and strategies to enhance their existing HPL practice.

Jenny said: “I am honoured to represent St Swithun’s prep school as an HPL Global Lead Teacher. This appointment is testament to the outstanding work of all my colleagues in embracing the HPL concept for the benefit of every child in the school.”

In her new role Mrs Davies plans to focus on attitudes to learning. Building on developments which are a bi-product of remote learning, she is hoping the prep school will introduce a regular whole-school sharing of resources so that children can develop a really good understanding of what makes a good learner and what positive attitudes look like in lessons.


Photo: Jenny Davies, High Performance Learning Global Lead Teacher.