Students PPE Initiative to support our Care Workers – St Edmund’s College

12 Nov 2020

We are so proud of Rhetoric I (Year 12) Student Harry who has spent much of his Easter holidays making PPE for local health care providers. Harry said, “I volunteered to use my 3D printer for batch production of parts for PPE face shields, specifically the top headband and bottom reinforcement components. I have given enough parts to my local distributor for 70 complete face shields which will be distributed to the health workers which need them. The organization I volunteered for is called 3Dcrowd and I have developed the open source cad into what works for me and my setup while still following the SOP (standard operating procedures) which are required, I have established a simple production line to go efficiently from the filament rolls to the printed masks (de-burred, washed, dried, bagged and boxed) to maximize the amount which I am able to produce. I have also timed the prints (8 hours for 5 top bands and 8 hours for 17 bottom reinforcements) so that they will print from the start of the day to the end then overnight for the morning. I am continuing to print more and more”.

Well done Harry on the great initiative showing true Edmundian spirit.