11 May 2020

“Thank you” means so much during these challenging times. At Kent College, we have been coming up with new ways each week to thank the NHS and our wonderful key workers from our Thursday claps to banners created by our students, drawing wishing you well cards sent to care homes and creating PPE for our local surgeries and care homes.

Now our award-winning choristers have created their own version of the popular hymn “Thank you for giving me the morning” by rewriting the words to send a truly special “Thank You” message to all those doing so much to keep us safe during the pandemic.

We hope you enjoy the recording below and that you can share it with the wider community to show our deep-felt appreciation. If you are having problems with the video not displaying below, please click the link provided.

For more information contact: Andrea Warden Admissions and Marketing Director awarden@kentcollege.co.uk