10 Jul 2020

King’s Rochester is delighted to announce a new course which they will introduce for Sixth Form pupils from the start of the new academic year, 2020-2021.

From September 2020, King’s Sixth Form pupils will all work towards the new, ‘King’s Extend Award’; an internal qualification which aims to empower pupils for the future by helping them to build key skills and experiences in preparation for life after they leave school. 

The award programme will begin in September when pupils will be enrolled in the Ivy House leadership programme. This is a transformational leadership programme, developed by Elke Edwards, who last year gave an impassioned speech to pupils about skills for life.

Mrs Sarah Miles, Head of Sixth Form at King’s said, “The Ivy House programme focuses on inspiring young pupils to live extraordinary lives. It serves to support them in bridging the gap between education and work, giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence to take ownership of their own futures at a key time in their lives and to maximise their future potential. This two-part programme helps pupils learn about themselves, recognise their strengths and then to develop core skills for the future. Pupils are already showing an interest in the ‘King’s Extend Award and I am looking forward to launching it in September”.

Once the Ivy House programme is completed, pupils will apply their newly-developed and honed skills to the ‘King’s Extend Award’, completing a range of core and optional modules to help them build upon their experiences, learn new skills, gain the self-reliance and confidence to talk about their own abilities. This will include involving themselves in other areas of wider school life, in order to develop experience in all six core areas of the award: Leadership, Responsibility, Service, Careers, Research and Personal Challenge. 

Pupils will complete the award by the end of the Michaelmas term 2021, allowing them to then focus purely on their academic studies for the final two terms of their Upper Sixth year.