“The Scarecrow and his Servant” performed at Trinity School Arts Festival

29 Jul 2016

A talented cast of 30 Trinity pupils assisted by an efficient fellow-student production crew put on Jeffrey Hatcher’s stage adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s “The Scarecrow and his Servant”. The pupils aged 10-15 years performed the witty and fast paced play at Trinity’s Mitre Theatre to an enthusiastic audience last 23rd, 24th and 25th June. 

The show was part of Trinity’s 2016 Arts Festival and also featured in the Croydon Heritage Festival. The Arts Festival included a Summer Exhibition of art and photography, a film festival, a music recital, a busking lunch and other spoken word events. In total, just over 200 pupils took part in Trinity’s annual celebration of the arts, started in 2015 as part of commemorating 50 years since the school moved to Shirley Park.

Trinity Head of Productions Mr Godfrey, who directed the play and made a large number of the props, said:

“All the pupils, both on stage and backstage, worked incredibly hard bringing the story to life. Particular praise must go to Louis Labrosse (Year 9) who performed the role of the scarecrow with exceptional energy and humour.”

Photo: Trinity pupils Louis Labrosse, aged 14 (Year 9), as the Scarecrow and Ari Yad, aged 12 (Year 8), as his Servant.