Triumph in 2023 IBDP results

23 Nov 2023

Triumph in IBDP results with most of our students securing first-choice university placement.

We are thrilled to share the outstanding achievements of our students in the IBDP results. Out of the 75 diploma students who participated, 97.3% successfully passed and an impressive 25.3% of our students obtained a bilingual diploma, showcasing their exceptional linguistic abilities.

Here’s a summary of the remarkable IBDP results for our class of 2023:
– The average Diploma score attained by our students was 35.1, surpassing the world average for 2023 (30.24)
– 21% of our students achieved a score of 40 or higher, reflecting their exceptional academic performance
– 55% of our students achieved a score of 35 or higher
– We are immensely proud to announce that one student obtained a perfect score of 45 out of 45
– 25.3% of our students obtained a bilingual diploma

Our Higher Education and Careers team has once again excelled in aligning student aspirations with opportunities, demonstrating their exceptional ability to find the perfect university destination where our graduates can thrive and achieve success beyond Southbank International.

This commitment to our core values and objectives remains at the heart of their efforts. An impressive 86.7% of our 2023 graduates have successfully secured admission to their preferred university, thanks to the extensive knowledge and skills of our Higher Education and Careers Team in crafting successful applications.)