Virtual Reality Space Experience – The Downs Malvern

27 Oct 2020

As part of the Science activities this term, we managed to arrange a Virtual Reality Space Experience for the children. Years 1, 2, 3 and 5 took part in the workshop run by the Education Group.

Each year group simultaneously blasted off into space and then piloted their research vessels around planets and moons, learning some amazing facts about the solar system. This was a truly immersive experience that allowed them to explore parts of the solar system that no human has ever visited before.

Who knows, maybe we might have inspired the next generation of scientists and astronauts who may one day blast off into space for real! Many thanks to Carys from the Education Group who led this amazing experience.

Apologies to any parents who have now had a VR head-set added to their child’s Christmas list!


To view the video click HERE