Your alternative boarding school: GCSEs at Kings Bournemouth

03 Feb 2022

Kings is delighted to announce our new 2-year GCSE in which students aged 14 and above will study up to nine academic subjects, offering them the perfect start to their academic studies in the UK.

These subjects include:

At Kings we offer a modern alternative for students looking to prepare for their high school and university studies.

With modern facilities, small classes and a refreshing approach to teaching and living in the UK, we ensure our students are fully equipped for living and learning in the UK as an international student.

“Kings takes everybody completely out of their comfort zone: they are used to calling their teacher by the word “teacher” in their language as a mark of respect, or certainly using their surname. Changing the way they address their teachers takes people of out their comfort zone. However, what they begin to realise very quickly is what an intimate setting it is and there is that level of care there, even though it is far more relaxed than they are used to.” – Andy Plain, Director of Studies, Kings Bournemouth.

A home away from home

Students will board in our local residence, Charminster. This modern yet cosy residence is situated within walking distance of the college, and all students have a bedroom with private bathroom, as well as enjoying family-style dining.

Learn more about taking the two year GCSE at Kings Bournemouth.