Your child’s future school – Danes Hill School

01 Feb 2023

There is a surplus of options when it comes to senior schools, state or private, co-ed or single sex, day or boarding, sixth form or no sixth form. We spoke to Maxine Shaw, Head of Danes Hill School a prep school in Oxshott, Surrey. Every year Danes Hill pupils move on to around 30 different senior schools so we asked her for her advice and guidance on selecting the right senior school for your child.  

“As a parent I am sure that like me, you have wished at times for the complete Haynes manual of parenting, or even a crystal ball. The decisions you make for your children are significant and can have a long-lasting impact upon their future and their happiness. Choosing a senior school is one of the most significant decisions you will make. There is some good news though. The fact that you are agonising over the decision is because you care about education and therefore your children are already very fortunate. The value that you put upon schooling and the support you will give to your children will inevitably pay dividends.  

The concerns about senior school choice seem to manifest earlier and earlier and although I know it will sometimes fall upon deaf ears, I truly advocate for giving your children time to mature before you start the process. It is impossible to tell when your child is in Reception which school will be right for them. Discussions and decisions at this age are made for your benefit as parents not for your child’s.  

We are inviting families to join us at our Future Schools’ Fair on Saturday 25 February 2023 to see what schools are out there, but please keep your mind open at this point. No matter how hard you try to persuade them, your children may not share your passions and interests, and you should be driven by their needs.  

There will be over 60 of the top senior schools in the UK at the fair but the key question you must ask yourself is ‘will my child be happy in this school?’. That should be your key driver because when a child is happy, they will work harder and achieve more, both in the classroom and beyond.  

I hope that you enjoy the Future Schools’ Fair. It is a unique opportunity to talk to the teams from the different schools as they gather under one roof. It will be an invaluable morning – the perfect opportunity to explore the benefits of a private senior school education. There will be a wide range of senior schools exhibiting, including single sex and co-educational, boarding and day, 11+ and 13+ entry schools. They all do brilliant things and one of them will be a brilliant choice for your child. Good luck and ask for more guidance if you need it.” 

Danes Hill School’s Future Schools Fair’ will be held on Saturday 25 February 10am – 12pm. Book your place at