£2000 for Oasis Childcare Thanks to Tormead Community Challenge

09 Oct 2013

The Tormead Community Challenge gives the girls the opportunity to experience hands-on philanthropy, as well as giving them the skills and awareness to make a positive difference to their local community.

Girls in Year 9 (Summer 2012) researched local charities which they felt were making a positive contribution to their local community. Work continued through Autumn Term of Year 10 to complete a presentation and A3 poster. In November, the Final took place in front of a panel of judges including Mrs Wallace, Tormead’s former Head of Religious Studies, as Head Judge.

The top four teams were selected and then entered into the MTG Youth for Charity Project. Allie Marland, Helena Bacon, Gabby Alexander-Harvey and Jess Allee, whose chosen charity was Oasis Childcare, were announced the winners with £2,000 being donated.

Oasis Childcare is based in Cobham and works with vulnerable parents and children. The girls nominated the charity after learning of its struggle for funding which threatened its closure. The charity works with those in critically dysfunctional family situations, some single parent families, those suffering with drug or alcohol addictions and severe financial hardship. They aim to provide a haven for children and parents alike, where they try to look at and solve the root of these situations as opposed to just healing the symptoms.

The girls visited Oasis Childcare to celebrate with them and deliver the £2,000 winning donation.