Bromsgrove School – Indian Himlayan Expedition

10 Apr 2019

Intrepid explorer and athlete Orla Walker, from Bromsgrove School, will be donning her walking boots this summer for a five week expedition to the Indian Himalayas, with the British Exploring Society.

Orla will be joining other volunteers from around the world to undertake an expedition which has a strong emphasis on mountain climbing and exploration, together with scientific data recording and interpretation of that natural environment. This will be the journey of a lifetime, trekking in the world’s highest mountain range, over peaks as high as 5800m, experiencing the traditional culture of the region and taking part in a wide range of scientific fieldwork, from carrying out lake surveys, to measuring glacial retreat levels.

Throughout her time in the Himalayas, Orla will be wild camping, both at Base Camp and during the activity phases. This involves digging pit toilets and collecting water for drinking and cooking from the river. She will also not be able to contact home at any point during the expedition, except in emergencies and only then by satellite phone.

Commenting on the expedition, Orla said “I am excited about exploring ‘the top of the world’ and carrying out vital research that will protect our planet for future generations”.

Orla’s Justgiving page is listed below. Any donations will help Orla to support the Society’s vital work by continuing to create lasting change, help to transform lives in some of the world’s poorest communities, build community resilience, help to sustainably manage the world’s natural resources and protect vulnerable environments.