30th Anniversary Gala weekend – THURSDAY, 18th JULY 2013

17 Jan 2013

THURSDAY, 18th JULY 2013

Arrive and meet up with all your old friends.
2:00pm onwards
Greenfields Anniversary Opening Show
Attend the welcoming ceremony and exciting performances from Greenfields’ students to get you right into the spirit of Greenfields
See the displays around the school and listen to the speeches about the past, present and future of Greenfields
Grab a bite to eat and a coffee from the Gf Cafe on site
Greenfields Theatre Production Opening Night
Remember, reminisce and relax as our current students perform for you in the time-honoured Greenfields fashion

FRIDAY, 19th JULY 2013
Junior Sports Day
Come, watch and cheer as the Lower School put themselves through their paces on Junior Sports Day
The Gf Cafe will be open for you to relax and take in the atmosphere
Greenfields Theatre Production
Be part of the excited audience for the second performance of the Greenfields Theatre Production for 2013

SATURDAY, 20th JULY 2013
Summer Fair
Come and see your friends at the fun-filled Greenfields Summer Fair
Soak up the spirit of Gf with a snack from the Gf Cafe
Old Greenfieldians Anniversary Event and Dinner
Attend this outstanding evening
Greenfields Theatre Production
Cheer and applaud the momentous closing night of the Greenfields Theatre Production

SUNDAY, 21th JULY 2013
Be refreshed and revitalised by this year’s graduates’ speeches and the other special awards and speechesat the Graduation ceremony for 2013
Old Greenfieldians Tea
Greenfieldians young and old enjoy their own special Sunday afternoon tea with the Head
Greenfields Ball for Graduates and Old Greenfieldians
A night to remember – Old Greenfieldians and graduatesdance and dine in the final grand night of the Gala Weekend