450 go on a school trip

10 Jul 2013

It was uncharacteristically quiet at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School yesterday. That’s because over 450 pupils went on school trips. It’s the last week of term at this state boarding school and staff are keen to ensure that the week is a productive one. So instead of winding down and taking it easy as they anticipate their summer holiday, pupils have engaged in three days of academically themed activities based in the School’s 260 acres of parkland. This was followed by a day when all pupils in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 went on a trip. They had a huge range of options to choose from including trips to London to see a museum and a show, climbing, survival course, cycling on the South Downs, golf and sea fishing.

Taking 450 pupils out to many different locations on one day has required a huge amount of preparation. Redhill station had a busy morning as pupils took the train to Brighton and London. The school’s minibuses were pressed into service and some children walked to the more local destinations. Train tickets and admission tickets for the many museums, shows and activities were purchased and 450 packed lunches were made for the children by the School’s catering team.

Headmaster Paul D Spencer Ellis said “This is the first ‘Explore Week’ we have had and the children have really enjoyed it. We wanted to utilise the phenomenal teaching and learning resource that is Gatton Park, and to give pupils a better awareness of their surroundings. The teachers have really risen to the challenge and have developed cross-curricular activities that have encouraged team working and enabled pupils to develop new skills. It has been a fantastic way to end the academic year.”