Science week at Farlington

18 Apr 2013

Science Week at Farlington was launched with a dynamic assembly delivered by the staff. Thereafter, Years 7, 8 and 9 embarked on a series of lessons focused around aspects of Science connected with this year’s theme, ‘Inventions and Discoveries’. The Year 7’s looked at ‘Flying to the Moon’ and spent a wonderfully messy time experimenting with fizzing fuels for their film canister rockets, burning different alcohol fuels to see how much heat energy they could provide, and then launching water rockets out in the school grounds.
In Year 8 the girls looked at ‘The Invention of the Telescope’ and investigated different lenses to discover how they function. They studied the function of the eye and learnt how light rays behave when they pass through different types of lenses. The girls built their own telescope and then carried out research into the night sky visible from West Sussex this week.
Mr Maude, Head of Faculty, took charge of the Year 9 topic, ‘Antimicrobials’, and introduced the girls to aseptic techniques to pour plates of agar on which to grow bacterial cultures. The girls tested various concentrations of antimicrobial surface cleaner to find out how effective they were at stopping bacterial growth.
Out of lessons the girls had the opportunity to take part in several Science demonstrations around the school. On Monday in the dining-room, Year 8 girls involved the Prep girls in some fun and quirky Science, whilst on Tuesday Mr Snewin got Farlington Science Club fizzing with excitement when he demonstrated a number of spectacular chemical reactions. The two highlights were the tremendous mess, and a noise, created by the spectacular ‘cannon fire’ experiment and the finale which saw the room lit up with the ‘chemiluminescent fountain’ experiment.
In addition to this there has been a Science Week Quiz around school which has proven quite addictive, with girls from Year 7 to Year 11 all competing to find the correct answers, further Science demonstrations and the culmination of the Year 7 bridge building competition with winners being displayed in the Senior School Hall.