A Dramatic Castle Rescue for Bromsgrove Pre-Prep Pupils

21 Feb 2013

Pupils from Year 2 at Bromsgrove Pre-Preparatory School had an exciting experience as part of their “Turrets and Tiaras” topic on Wednesday 30th January, when they visited Warwick Castle.
At the beginning of term the children had received a ransom note from the Evil Knight asking for 50 golden groats in return for the safe release of Princess Arabella, who was locked in a tower at Warwick Castle. The children contacted the Evil Knight, by email, assuring him that the ransom would be paid when they visited on 30th January. Upon their arrival the pupils were greeted by a Knight who promised to deliver the ransom on their behalf.
To the children’s delight, when visiting the Princess Tower, they learnt that thanks to them Princess Arabella had been freed – just in time for her wedding! The rest of the day involved a fascinating tour and talk about attacking a castle during which the children learnt some particularly gruesome facts and all about preparing for battle in the Kingmaker exhibition.
If the children hadn’t had enough excitement for one day, when they were leaving the medieval playground they discovered a golden egg. They kindly agreed to take care of the egg until it hatched, back at School.

Bromsgrove Pre-Prep pupils (l-r) Archie Stone (aged 6), Megan Wilson (aged 6), Libby Rolph (aged 7) and Thomas Griffiths (aged 7) enjoy the view from the walls at Warwick Castle.