Abbey Gate College Time Capsule Burial Marks 40th Anniversary

31 Jul 2018

On Friday 29 June, pupils and invited guests gathered to bury a time capsule in the gardens of Abbey Gate College to commemorate the College’s 40th Anniversary.

The time capsule, made from a rigid polymer tube with aluminium caps will not be opened for 25 years. It was buried in the new Ruby Rose Garden which has been planted with a collection of roses, including 10 ruby red standard roses.

It contains items that were chosen by pupils from the College Forum. The contents of the capsule represent life at Abbey Gate College in 2018. Items included: a school tie, school badges, a whole school photo, the school magazine, reflections written by pupils about their time at the College, coins, a local newspaper (Royal Visit Souvenir Special), an i-phone and a plastic straw.

Following speeches, head boy, Harry Tomlins and head girl, Heather Churchill-Evans placed the first shovels of soil on top of the buried capsule.

Luke Burnett, Head of House for Hastings and member of the College Forum, said: “We took great pride in organising and acquiring the items for the time capsule and are looking forward to comparing the objects to their future counterparts! We felt it was important that it was the pupils who chose and decided on the final items, as it helped to personalise the capsule to current school life and pupils.”