Abbot’s Hill School – GCSE Art Workshops with Ian Murphy

23 Nov 2017

Renowned artist Ian Murphy visited Abbot’s Hill to hold some exciting mixed-media workshops with our Year 10 and 11 GCSE Art and Design pupils. The pupils worked from 8.30am-6pm and produced some stunning large-scale graphite and ink pieces inspired by the artist.

Ian was most inspiring, encouraging the girls to travel on their own artistic journeys and find their own unique style.

In some of the tasks, he asked the pupils to spend no longer than five minutes on a drawing; an initially daunting request! This was aimed at encouraging the girls to loosen up their style and work more expressively. Although at first the girls seemed a little cautious at this approach, they were very pleased with the final outcomes. This was a hugely stimulating and rewarding workshop enjoyed by both staff and pupils.