09 May 2013

Greenfields started as a day school but as its reputation and numbers grew, over one fifth of the student body is now made up of boarding students. There are over 40 spaces available for boys and girls from 11 to 17 years old (younger students may occasionally be considered if accompanied by a sibling). Boarders are situated in the main school which sits in 6 acres of school grounds on the edge of the Ashdown Forest. It is a safe, peaceful and beautiful location within walking distance of the local village and bus routes to other areas. It is a 20 minute drive from Gatwick airport, 35 minutes from Brighton and the coast and 50 minutes by train or car to London. The boarding house is supervised by a team of dedicated and caring people most of whom are themselves parents. The main advantages of being a Boarding Student are:

Friendship. Children get to mix with other children of all nationalities. Boarding students learn life skills that other children may miss out on. It starts with the fact that they get to mix with other children from all over the world. When the school was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in 2011, one of the main things that impressed the inspectors was the cheerful sense of camaraderie they witnessed among children of many nationalities and of all ages. This ‘family’ feel is often mentioned in the speeches of graduate students and is evidently something that stays with them for life.
Independence. Children learn independence as they have to tackle their own laundry as well as learning to keep their rooms tidy and their clothes in good conditions. They also learn rudimentary cooking skills and have a cleaning rota for the kitchen and other communal areas – all are life skills not necessarily enforced at home.
Teamwork . Every boarder in on a duty rota which rotates through a broad range of cleaning and maintenance activities around the school and boarding house. Children learn to work together and to carry out the tasks assigned and the results of their work is monitored to keep it to standard. Assignments are designed with due respect for cultural and ethnic backgrounds and age. This helps students learn to get along with others as well as developing their tolerance and respect for others.
Learn English faster. Immersed in an English speaking environment, boarding students quickly develop a working knowledge of English. This is enabled through the school’s own English Language unit where they learn the grammar and words of English which is complemented by taking part in every-day life, games, outings, and communications with their fellow boarders.
Extra Study facilities. The school has its own ‘Study Hall’ open after normal school hours as well as an ICT room and a library where student s can access computers, do homework or receive additional help or tuition as needed.

Evenings and Weekends. As well using spare time to catch up with friends or put in extra study hours, boarders have access to both indoor and outdoor school facilities. This includes tennis courts, football pitch and outside team games, boarding lounge, a wide screen plasma TV, a video console, board games, table tennis, football games and tea and coffee making facilities. There are also plenty of organised sports and other activities such as visits to the local swimming pool, gym, bowling alley, cinema, shopping trips, orienteering etc. The school is fortunate in its location on the edge of the Ashdown Forest as it has riding schools, sailing clubs, cycle routes, climbing facilities and many other outdoor activities within a few minutes drive or walk of the school . All of these activities and more can be organised via the school and taken up as hobbies if desired.
Meals. Three meals are provided each day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. After school snacks are also provided. Meals are usually taken in a large communal dining room by staff and children alike. A self-service system in in operation.
Uniform. During boarding hours (evenings and weekends) the school does not insist on school uniform being worn but during school hours a proper and clean school uniform should be worn at all times.
Discipline. Boarding schools in the UK adopt various sanctions against children who break the school rules. A list of rules will be provided on application. Greenfields adheres to a system of Plus and Minus points to either reward or penalise as appropriate
Students having their say. Every week the boarders are given a Questionnaire to complete so that they can express their opinions to improve activities, meals, dormitories and any-other thing they would like to tell us. We always listen to them and try to accommodate their needs when possible.
“My experience in Greenfields School has been very good! I have enjoyed everything. The outside activities and the school for the boarders are the very best things to me. Here in Greenfields I have made friends from England and from all over the world. I am never going to forget this experience at this school and I am never going to forget all the people that have been around me, including teachers and friends. I am leaving very satisfied with this experience and I hope I come back in my winter holidays and in June.
Thanks for everything Greenfields. “