Alex Exceeds His Expectations

04 Sep 2012

 Alex Davidson was delighted to be awarded a place at Queen Mary’s College, University of London, to study Law, having gained an A* in psychology, and A grades in English and Philosophy and Ethics. Alex entered the sixth form at St Joseph’s College in 2010, after taking his GCSEs at a local comprehensive school. He quickly settled into St Joseph’s sixth form community, and in just two years has made outstanding progress, which surpassed his original predicted grades of BCC, by two grades in each subject.  
Speaking about his time at St Joseph’s, Alex said: ‘After all the work of the past two years, what I have managed here is surreal. The best part is not only exceeding others’ expectations, but exceeding my own. It’s more than just achieving grades, it is self-belief, self-confidence and the drive to continue to succeed at university next year.’ Alex is pictured with fellow top perfomers Fiona Tomas, Helen Parnell-Murphy and Maeva Vinet.