10 Dec 2013

Returning to Bishop’s Stortford College for a third visit author Christopher Lloyd launched the celebrations for the opening of the Prep School’s new building by sharing with the pupils the “big stories”, all of which come from real life. Making the case for the pleasures of reading nonfiction, Chris said “nothing is more magical to many young minds than the incredible true stories of planet, life and people that surround us.”

The pupils were entertained, informed and transported on a thrilling journey, from the abstract concepts of science to the infinity of space and beyond, by the renowned author and his amazing giant wallchart.

The Science Wallbook talk followed the path of fourteen of the most extraordinary moments in the history of science and engineering, each of these being introduced by an object picked from his coat of many pockets. Along the way the different scientists and engineers were voted on by the pupils, depending on the impact they have had and awarded either a Golden Globe or a wooden spoon. In this way the additional story of “unintended consequences” emerged from the list of the extraordinary achievements humans have made, thanks to their brains and hands, over the last 10,000 years.

As part of the school’s Science Week activities in the Library all pupils are encouraged to enter a national Non Fiction Timeline competition, more details of which can be found at:

Two of Christopher Lloyd’s giant wallbooks are now on display in the new building; one showing the history of the world is in the foyer, and the Science and Engineering wall chart is in the corridor by the new science lab.