04 Mar 2014

Junior pupils at Sibford School had a batty end to their week on Friday when they were visited by Reg Tipping and Alison Urwick from the Oxfordshire Bat Group.

The youngsters discovered some truths about bats … including the fact that there are over 1,000 different species in the world and there really are such things as Vampire bats … but only in Central and South America!

They also practiced making bat noises, looked at some mummified bats and ended the session by making their own model bats to take home.

The bat awareness talk formed part of an on-going project at the school. Pupils are currently making bat boxes which will be placed in Sibford’s Forest School area in the hope that they will encourage more bats onto the school campus.


Reg Tipping and Alison Urwick are pictured with Sibford pupils Sofia Mattinson, Summer Godman, Henrik Hoeltzen and (front) Jack Stewart.