Beautiful Chinese Culture at Bromsgrove School

18 Apr 2013

Pupils from Bromsgrove Preparatory School enjoyed a special Chinese day last week as part of their studies.

The pupils from Year 4 wore traditional Chinese outfits, made various Chinese crafts and had the opportunity to taste some fabulous traditional dishes created by the Prep School catering staff. From terracotta warriors to dragon poems, the children also shared all that they had learned about China with their parents and grandparents on Friday afternoon during a special ‘Beyond the Great Wall’ assembly. The parents then had the opportunity to visit the classrooms to see some of the colourful displays and work in the children’s books.

Teacher Miss Cartwright said: “The event was enjoyed by all and was a fitting end to a very enjoyable topic.”

Photo: Year 4 pupils Anaiya Sunner (aged 8), Katie Hannafin (aged 9), Fenella Stone (aged 8), Isabella Howdle (aged 8), Megan Langford (aged 9) & Keira Sehdeva (aged 8) in traditional Chinese clothing as part of their Chinese Day.