Bishop’s Stortford Pupil Voice Network Makes Plans and Hears from local MP.

19 Jan 2019

Bishop’s Stortford College Prep School hosts the second meeting of the Bishop’s Stortford Pupil Voice Network.

Last month, Bishop’s Stortford College Prep School hosted the second meeting of the Bishop’s Stortford Pupil Voice Network (BSPVN). Following their inaugural meeting in March, School Councillors from around the local community met to discuss and share best practice in their own school communities.

The second meeting welcomed representatives from 11 different schools as well as individuals from the business community and Deputy Mayor of Bishop’s Stortford, Councillor Holly Drake. During the meeting, the new logo for BSPVN was unveiled, the design for which was based on entries received in their Logo Competition. Pupils from Thorley Hill Primary School and Little Hadham’s School Councils won prizes of £100 and £20 respectively for their contributions to the final design. The colour scheme of the logo was inspired by the different school uniforms represented in the BSPVN.

As well as networking with one another the Pupil Councillors celebrated their work so far including short presentations from Hatfield Heath Primary School and Northgate Primary School thus sharing a better understanding of how to work most effectively.

The group agreed to adopt a Charity of The Year for 2018/19 and voted for The Animal Rescue Centre in Bishop’s Stortford. Each BSPVN school will aim to organise one fundraising event during the academic year, with the dual purpose of raising awareness of the BSPVN and raising money for a very special local charity. Together, they want to make a real difference in the local community.

Another highlight of the afternoon was a presentation from Mr Mark Prisk MP who sent a six-minute video message, in which he congratulated each pupil council on the work they are doing in the community. He talked about the skills required for leadership, emphasised the importance of listening carefully and how vital it is not to make promises you cannot keep. The video will be shared with each School Council and is sure to prove a very valuable resource to all members of the BSPVN.

After presenting certificates to the new members of the Network, the group welcomed Mrs Hayward – a senior member of staff at H. Samuel and Ernest Jones who talked to the children about prioritisation and time management. Lots of schools were interested to learn about her methods for colour coding ideas when presenting to senior management. Following the event, and some extremely positive feedback it was agreed to hold BSPVN #3 in March 2019.