Book fever grips Hazlegrove!

06 Feb 2013

Book fever gripped Hazlegrove with the children being challenged to read 130 million words during the course of the Autumn Term – they rose to the task superbly with the boys defying national statistics in significantly outperforming the girls. The word count comes from the quizzes taken by the children each time they complete a book – only quizzes which have were passed counted towards the total. An amazing total of 45 children (32 boys and 13 girls) managed to read at least a million words and a further with 8 of these going on to read more than two million words!
The whole school enjoyed a special treat of Millionaires’ Shortbread and hot Ribena for morning break when the target was achieved. The “Millionaires” were invited to a special lunch in the Library. The kitchen put on a magnificent feast worthy of all the reading effort the children have put in over the term.
The whole school contributed to the success – every word counted and Hazlegrove’s passion for reading continues to grow. The children are now looking forward to Festival of Literature which has an exciting array of events lined up.