Bramcote Olympic Games

03 Aug 2016

With not long to go until the Rio Olympics, pupils at Bramcote Junior School have been preparing them selves for both in recent weeks, looking at all things Olympic.

From Reception to Year 6, the children have designed Olympic mascots, learnt an Olympic anthem and seen how the Olympics have changed from ancient Greece to the modern day.

Each class has also selected a country to support during the Rio 2016 Olympics and have been involved in presenting an assembly to the whole school, about their country. The choice has ranged from Australia to Equatorial New Guinea.

The final event was a ‘special’ Bramcote Olympic Games with events ranging from javelin throwing (a leek) and shot putting (a turnip) to the more traditional 100m sprint and the long jump.

Bramcote pupils are now ready for the Olympics !  Are you?