Bromsgrove School’s 2013 IB average is 35.0

21 Jul 2013

I am delighted to report that Bromsgrove School’s 2013 IB average is 35.0 as things stand: a wonderful performance. The 35.0 translates to a UCAS score of 500 (broadly equivalent to A*, A*, A* at A Level with a further A at AS Level). As was the case last year, all our IB candidates successfully gained their Diploma and half of our cohort this year achieved a bilingual diploma. This is a superb display which may yet get better since, after remarks last year, our average score rose significantly. Pupils and staff deserve great credit for a magnificent set of results. On paper, this was not the strongest IB cohort, but the individual pupils have made a mockery of that: they should be very proud.

Also – and no less impressively – every single Bromsgrove School BTEC Sport entry (the only BTEC Bromsgrove offers) was graded at Distinction * equivalent to A* at A Level. Another outstanding performance.