Bromsgrove’s record set of IB results

12 Aug 2015

Bromsgrove School’s International Baccalaureate results have hit a record high, with a third of its pupils scoring 40 points or more. The average of 38.5 places the School amongst the very top IB schools in the country.

Upper Sixth former Teresa Heidland achieved a fantastic result in gaining the maximum score of 45 points, only 150 students worldwide achieved this score. Teresa will study Medicine after taking a year out to work as a volunteer in a hospital.

Pupils also gaining high marks include two local Bromsgrove girls, Ellie Saker with 44 points, who goes on to read Physics at Oxford, and Eleanor Ball with 41 points who has been awarded the International Leader of Tomorrow Award for UBC, Vancouver. Eleanor will take up a place to read French and Chinese in Canada later this year.

The Headmaster of Bromsgrove School, Peter Clague says, “We are absolutely delighted with our International Baccalaureate results this year, the average score of 38.5 places us amongst the very top IB schools in the UK. Every student who entered gained the Diploma and a third received formal recognition of their bilingualism. This is a demanding course and students and teachers have once again excelled.”

Meanwhile, Bromsgrove students who studied for a BTEC qualification in Sport achieved 39 Distinction* grades (equal to an A* at A level) and 3 Distinction grades (equal to an A grade at A level) between them.

Congratulations and unreserved thanks to all those involved in supporting these superb BTEC and IB results. Bromsgrove School now eagerly awaits the results of A levels in August.