Why A level is recommended instead of IB and Pre-U – John Southworth, Principal of MPW London

Why A Level is the recommended option Sixth formers wishing to pursue an “academic”, or non-vocational route can generally choose between A levels, IB and Pre-U – or a combination, depending on their school or college’s pathway. So how do students pick a route that is going to suit them best as individual learners, enhance […]

Great Learning – Farlington Prep Headmistress, Frances Mwale, Goes Back to School      

Farlington girls independent day and boarding school West Sussex

  Getting and giving back marked work is fraught with difficulty. Do you single out the best for recognition and praise, or those who have made most improvement or been really original? Should those who have done well be allowed to crow or should modesty prevail as they learn not to boast? If we have […]

Boarding – the trial for life! – Jane Peake, Bootham School

Bootham independent Day and Boarding school North Yorkshire

National Boarding Week started 20th June and as one who saw the tail end of the ‘cold shower’ era; any mention of boarding, should, according to some, bring me out in serious palpitations.  Certainly, when I was packed off in 1969 with my regulation clothing all neatly folded in the selfsame trunk used by my mother, […]

IB – the education you would want for yourself, Jeremy Lewis, Head of School at ACS Egham

ACS International Schools independent schools in Surrey ans Middlesex

“The world no longer rewards people for what they know – Google knows everything – but for what they can do with what they know. Because that is the main differentiator today, global education today needs to be much more about ways of thinking, involving creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making; about ways of […]

THE IMPACT OUR SCHOOL DAYS CAN HAVE ON THE REST OF OUR LIVES – Stuart Nicolson, Principal – Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies

While listening to the many excellent speakers at the recent Independent Schools Association (ISA) Annual Conference I realised that although they spoke about different things and had very different experiences, a common theme was childhood and the impact our school days can have on the rest of our lives. Whilst all of them (and they […]

What is school for – and how do single-sex boarding schools reinforce its purpose? – Jane Gandee, Headmistress of St Swithun’s School

Winston Churchill: The only time my education was interrupted was while I was at school. I sometimes wonder about the real point of school as I stuff my own children into their school uniforms and hustle them out of the door – is it so that tired parents can have a rest? I also wonder […]

‘Private schools are competing against the highest performing state schools – and often winning. This is nothing new’ – Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council

Barnaby Lenon

The chair of the Independent Schools Council, a former head of Harrow School, hits back against the idea that the private sector is losing ground We should not be surprised when Lord Lucas, owner of The Good Schools Guide, seeks publicity for his book. There is a superfluity of such guides and many are given […]

The Importance of a Great Start! – Frances Mwale, Farlington School Prep Headmistress

Almost two thirds of the way through their academic year, Reception girls at Farlington are really blossoming: investing time, effort and expertise in early years’ education makes all the difference. The foundations of learning are being carefully put in place and now our young learners are gathering momentum and developing their individual passions. So what […]

New approach to A level Science practical work at Farlington – Alan Maude, Head of Faculty: Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Alan Maude

Farlington Science staff and students are adapting to the introduction of the new Practical Endorsement changes that came into place in September 2015 for A-level Sciences. Practical work has always been central to the way Science is taught at Farlington, but this is apparently not the case in many other schools and colleges up and […]

Mental Health and Young People – Frances Mwale, Prep Headmistress, Farlington School, Horsham

Mrs Mwale

The recent Children’s Mental Health Week was incredibly important for making transparent and explaining the range and extent of situations facing society. I was often riveted to television and radio programmes, as well as drawn to articles, about multitudinous issues in our frenetic, modern world: often a real eye-opener. Working in a school where pupils […]

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