School should be Enchanting? – Chris Calvey, Headmaster Great Walstead School

Great Walstead independent school West Sussex

Chris Calvey Headmaster of Great Walstead School, West Sussex, talks about the balancing act of meeting academic rigor whilst maintaining pupils’ excitement and enthusiasm. School League tables are now very much a part of our lives and pre-testing for schools is creeping in at a younger and younger age.  Now, take into account the not […]

Learning Should Be Magical – Chris Calvey, Headmaster Great Walstead School

Great Walstead independent school West Sussex

Chris Calvey, Headmaster of Great Walstead School, West Sussex, talks about the importance of creating an engaging and stimulating learning environment which ensures young children maintain a genuine love of learning which will stay with them in adulthood. Children intrinsically have a curiosity and desire to explore their world. They have a need to discover […]

Successful university applications: more than just grades – Nigel Addison, Principal, Kings Brighton

Nigel Addison, principal, Kings Brighton

Securing a university place is a landmark moment in any student’s life and one which therefore requires plenty of thought and preparation. University provides an opportunity to explore a specific field in greater depth, often providing the platform from which students launch their professional careers and marks a new stage of personal development and independence. […]

WHY DIAMONDS MAY BE A BOY’S BEST FRIEND TOO – Kate Reynolds, Head of Leweston School

If men really were from Mars and Women from Venus, where would they choose to send their offspring to school?  Co-ed or single sex? The arguments for and against each system will be familiar and Sherborne offers examples of both. Evidence has long suggested teenagers get better exam results from single-sex classes, although this has […]

St George’s School, Edinburgh – Bringing Outdoor Learning to Life

St George's girls independent day and boarding school Edinburgh Scotland

This article is published in the magazine Wood Wise, Woodland Conservation News, December 2017. Paula Sinclair is a P5 teacher and the curriculum leader of outdoor learning at St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh. Young people of previous generations enjoyed a world of building dens, whittling sticks, building river dams and generally grubbing around the […]

The Power of a Girls-only Education – by Mrs Alex Hems, Headmistress St George’s School Edinburgh

St George's Edinburgh independent girls' day and boarding school Lothian

‘I vividly remember, in the Christmas holidays of my final year at St Helen’s, going to a series of lectures and seminars in London designed for English A Level students. I had finished my Oxford entrance exams and had done quite a bit of work on George Eliot, inspired by my English teacher, who had […]

Rachel McCrory, Education Manager, introduces ‘The Alder Bridge Way’, where fresh air breathes life into the curriculum…

Alder Bridge School coeducatioanal independent preparatory day school Berkshire

Creativity – isn’t this the foundation of a happy and successful life? It’s not necessarily about Art or Music or Theatre, although expressing one’s ideas through art, music and drama is indeed creative. Rather, it’s skills like critical thinking, flexibility and the ability to imagine another way and try it out: this is what makes […]

Why Making Mistakes is a Lesson for Life – Antonia Beary, Headmistress of Mayfield School, East Sussex.

Mayfield girls' independent day and boarding school East Sussex

Learning to pick yourself up after something has gone wrong is an integral part of any education Making mistakes isn’t easy for any of us, but it should be a crucial part of education, says Antonia Beary, headmistress of Mayfield School, Sussex. Many children, particularly girls, feel that they need to get everything right, all […]

The Art of Learning, by bestselling British author R.J. Ellory*

Greenfields independent day and boarding school East Sussex

The following is an excerpt from an article written by R.J. Ellory as a gift to Greenfields School ( Greenfields is the first UK school to implement the Study Technology** as part of its curriculum: “People are extraordinary. The human mind is extraordinary. The quantity of information that can be retained by one person is […]

The ‘CUPPA’ Book Series – developing a confident mindset in children aged 10-12+, written by Ross McWilliam

Ross McWilliam

When his father died in 2012, followed by the untimely loss of his young niece three months later, Ross McWilliam just knew he had to use his 30 years educational experience to create a legacy, not only to honour these key figures in his life, but to also help young children. Ross spent the next […]

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