Wild Monkton – by Rachel Glasgow Assistant Head Co-Curricular, Monkton Combe School

Monkton School Somerset

Growing up on a farm in the middle of the Dorset countryside gave me a hidden advantage. Not only could I escape from some tricky times at school but I could truly be myself. I could hit a tennis ball against the barn wall; I could take my dog out to see the cows; I […]

The Importance of STEM in primary school – by Sarah Gillam, Head Teacher, Maple Walk School

Maple Walk School London

It is being called the fourth Industrial Revolution, with our children at the frontier of this exciting new age.  Within this developing environment, where robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality will be the new reality,  it is therefore essential that more pupils,  from a very young age, engage with and are excited by STEM. In […]

Businesses Need To Support Women Or Risk Losing Out On Tomorrow’s Talent – by Alex Hems, Head, St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh.

St George's Edinburgh, Alex Hems

Empowering girls in the workplace by Alex Hems, Head, St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh. Despite there being almost a million more women in Britain than men, only one in five UK businesses are run by females. For those who feel women have found their voice and that their contributions and skills are now being […]

“We need exam reform”: Millfield Headmaster Gavin Horgan speaks at Made By Dyslexia Global Summit with HRH Princess Beatrice

Millfield independent day and boarding school Somerset

Millfield Headmaster Gavin Horgan has urged the government to reform the exams process in British schools, as the current format “restricts dyslexic learners.” The Headmaster of the Somerset school, which is well known for its successful learning support programme, joined HRH Princess Beatrice and leading Dyslexia influencers in a panel discussion for the Made By […]

Advantages of Boarding – Vicky Clayton, Sherborne School

Sherborne School independent day and boarding school Dorset

Schools, whether secondary or independent understand that a good education is a powerful tool and that all educators need to encourage a passion for learning. We all undertake to join the dots together to give our pupils the best chance for success but if all schools are ultimately striving for the same outcome, might one […]

Developing thinking skills across the curriculum, by Dr Lorraine Earps, Head Teacher of Queen’s College, Taunton

For the first time as educationalists, we are attempting to prepare young people for a future we do not recognise. A pupil moving into Year 7 this year is likely to enter the world of work in around 2030 and continue to work until about 2080 or maybe even longer. With the rapidly changing face […]

The benefits of boys-only boarding,  by John Moule, Warden of Radley College

John Moule, Warden of Radley College, Oxfordshire

I am not a single-sex zealot. That might seem odd coming from the Warden of Radley College, one of the great bastions of boys-only boarding, but it’s true. I get a little fed up with evangelical statements, backed up by supposedly incontrovertible statistics, that girls do better in this environment, boys in that. We all […]

The importance of the creative arts – by Liz Laybourn, Head of Burgess Hill Girls School

Burgess Hill Girls independent day and boarding school West Sussex

A boarding environment gives children and young people an unrivalled opportunity to develop their creative talents to the full. Whether it’s fine art, design and technology, textiles or graphics, music and drama or photography, the arts should be at the heart of the school curriculum. But in too many schools, the creative arts are being […]

Kings: a different kind of international

Kings Colleges independent colleges Oxford, London, Bournemouth and Brighton

There are many schools both in the UK and around the world that define themselves as ‘international’. International schools come in many different shapes and sizes and there are many different factors to consider – the origin of its students, the experience of its teachers and its choice of programmes to name a few. It […]

Adding value with the Extended Project Qualification – Kings Colleges

Kings Education

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a standalone qualification which is often taken alongside A-levels. It is highly valued for progression to university and carries UCAS tariff points. Through the EPQ qualification, students will complete a research project to explore an area of their own interest. At Kings this is usually directly related to their ambitions […]

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