Christ College Cadets take their first parachute jump

12 Jun 2019

On Friday 17th May, 8 cadets from Christ College CCF set off for the Army Parachuting Centre at Netheravon, on Salisbury Plain, to participate in a First Jump parachute Course. The training started early on the Saturday, and included lessons on the equipment they would use, how to steer and control the parachute, and what they would do should something not function correctly.

The information taught was confirmed through a written paper, and practical test, both of which had to be passed before they would be signed off to jump.

Late on Saturday afternoon, in far from perfect weather conditions, all eight cadets completed their first parachute jump, and landed safely.

After a nights rest, the cadets were up bright and early to get back to the parachuting centre to complete their refresher training to complete a second jump.

This time the weather conditions were considerably better, and as a result the exit’s from the aircraft, and subsequent body position were much improved.

All cadets thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and there are talks of going back to undertake further jumps.