21 Jan 2014

Pupils studying history and Spanish at Jesmond based Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School, were able to experience Spanish culture for real during a special trip to Andalucia in Spain, as part of their studies.

The 24 sixth form pupils enjoyed a visit to the southern region of the country where they spent time in Granada and Seville, taking in some of the many historical delights, stunning architecture and honing their language skills during the trip. The visit was designed to give the pupils a flavour of Spanish culture and history, to help with the A Level modules they are currently studying.

The group had the opportunity to visit the Capilla Real in Granada where they visited the tombs of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Castile and their children. One of the highlights of the trip was a tour around the beautiful Alhambra Palace and gardens, which originally had been built by the Islamic community back in 11th century and remains to this day, a stunning example of Muslim art.

Tamar Dutton was one of the pupils who took part in the visit, she said: “It was fascinating to learn the history of some of the key sites in Andalucia and experience them first-hand. We all loved Seville, a city filled with stunning locations and unique, old buildings. A long walk up the Giralda Tower at the city’s cathedral, was very rewarding as we were able to take in breath-taking views of Seville.

“My favourite part of our trip was our visit to the Alcazar, the Seville residence of Ferdinand and Isabella. The gardens in particular were exquisite and it was hilarious getting lost in the maze. I am extremely grateful that Church High gave us the opportunity to visit Granada and Seville, as it fuelled my love of history and enabled me to put into context what I was learning about the Spanish Inquisition in my A level history course. We enjoyed everything from flamenco dancing to walking in the Granada hills and it was a trip I will remember for the rest of my life.”
The Spanish trip was an opportunity for the pupils to build their confidence and absorb other cultures, gaining skills they will take with them onto university and their future careers. It is likely that many of the pupils will spend time studying either history or Spanish in the future and may even spend a year abroad in Spain during their time at university.

Head of Spanish Bernice Mayhew accompanied the girls on the trip, she said: “The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Andalucia, the group atmosphere was just wonderful. It was great to see the girls enjoying their independence and building confidence in another culture – they particularly liked the experience of ordering food in the local tapas restaurants where they had the opportunity to try out their Spanish.

“Church High has always offered girls excellent opportunities to complement their studies with real life experiences and as we move forward to become Newcastle High School for Girls next September, there will be many more fantastic trips and cultural excursions to look forward to.”

Church High School will join together with Central Newcastle High School in September 2014 to form the region’s new leading independent girls’ school, Newcastle High School for Girls. For more information about everything the school will have to offer pupils,