10 Dec 2013

A class of year 3 pupils had the opportunity to witness first hand a national TV film crew in action during an afternoon visit to Bishop’s Stortford College Prep School.

Classmate Archie Rutt was being filmed and interviewed at school after winning the children’s TV channel’s Share a Story competition for his age category. The seven year old had previously spent a day at CITV’s Manchester studios as part of his prize, where he recorded the voiceover for the main character of his story, called Flashman.

The animated story, being aired now on CITV, was shown to the class, before Archie shared more about the inspiration behind his story, what it was like to hear that he had won and his experience at the TV studios.

Three of Archie’s friends were interviewed, also, including Ben Bradpiece, who had made up a song which sparked the idea behind Archie’s adventure, and features within, the story. The story sees a superhero saving a cat, only to find his cape unravelling while doing so. The cat owner knits a new cape, but sews the underpants on the outside.

One of Archie’s passions is drawing; in addition to penning the story, he drew his own storyboard, upon which the final animated film of Flashman is based.

All eight winning Share a Story films, chosen from over seven thousand entries, can be seen on ITV’s website: