College chemists strike gold, silver and bronze

22 Apr 2013

For the second year running, the College is celebrating its best ever results in the Chemistry Olympiad organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Six students from the U6th and one from the L6th won awards after taking part in the first round of this year’s national competition, which is part of the process of selecting a UK team to compete in the International Chemistry Olympiad.

Gold certificates were awarded to Edward Boughton and Sanjiv Dutt, while silver certificates went to Camilla Bole, Rahul D’Mello and Arjun Menon. Winnie Ng and L6th former Tom Brankin-Frisby both gained bronze certificates.

The total number of awards was one up on last year when one gold, four silver and one bronze certificate were won.

Ed Boughton has also received some additional good news as he has become the first College representative to be invited to the residential second round of the competition to be held at Cambridge University this Easter. He secured his place by finishing in the top 28 students in the country in the first round.

The Chemistry Olympiad is designed to inspire 6th form chemists to think beyond the boundaries of the syllabus. Over 3,000 students country-wide took part in the first round of the competition, which comprises a written test of chemical knowledge that stretches the most able.

Head of Chemistry, Tracy Muller, was delighted with the results. “Only the top 7% of entrants receive gold certificates and these excellent results are testament to our students’ hard work,” she said.