Countryfile investigates the history of the Malvern Pudding at Malvern College

26 Feb 2014

Who could imagine that such an inauspicious piece of school history could command so much attention, but this week a film crew from BBC’s Countryfile made a visit to Malvern College to discover how it has managed to stay on the pupil’s menus for the last 40 years.

Malvern’s affection for the pudding, named after the Victorian town in Worcestershire, started in House No.2 when Housemaster Michael McNevin and his wife Betty, on discovering the recipe, asked their House cook to serve it for the boys. It has made periodic appearances ever since and Helen Skelton and Matt Baker, the programme’s presenters, prepared and tasted the pudding with the help of Fran Browning, a long serving member of the College’s catering staff and a number of Malvern Sixth Formers. The verdict was a thumbs-up for the modern generation Malvern Pudding that incorporates locally sourced apples and a crème brulée topping. Delicious!