Cyclist James is the latest elite sports star to represent King’s on wider stage

16 May 2013

With cycling fast becoming one of Britain’s most popular and successful sports, it was with some interest that we learnt a few weeks ago that a young elite cyclist was joining us in the Third Form. We have become accustomed to the skiing exploits of Milo McCloud, Lloyd Wallace and his sister but having a cycling star in our midst is new territory. To help him settle in, Tim Walker and Nigel Wilson-Brown offered to accompany young James (pictured) on a training ride on his first afternoon. Both knew James was fast, but they didn’t realise quite how fast. Discretion prevents me comparing the state of the two adults with the youngster by the end of the ride, but while the Examinations Officer and Chaplain were believed to have needed a restful evening, shall we say, James headed off for some serious riding as part of a systematic programme aimed at propelling him into the ranks of Sir Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Hoy.