Dramatic Success at BFAME for Bromsgrove School

12 Apr 2013

A group of pupils from Bromsgrove School have had great success at an annual performing arts festival for the third year running.

As part of Birmingham’s Festival of Acting & Musical Entertainment (BFAME) the company of Year 9 and 10 pupils performed five shows in four days and were thrilled to have earned four awards and received several further nominations for their performance at Solihull’s Dovehouse Theatre. Bromsgrove School was the only school to participate in the festival, alongside musical and drama groups from around the Midlands.

The Bromsgrove cast performed The Witches by Roald Dahl, for which they were awarded Best Youth Play. Fourteen-year-old pupil James Price earned the award for Best Actor for his cameo as Chef Carbonelli, while everyone involved in the same kitchen scene won the Award for Outstanding Achievement for the devised mayhem. Group leader Mrs McKee also won Best Script for her adaptation of the story.

Thirteen-year-old Paige Corcoran was awarded a special certificate of merit for her sensitive and impressive portrayal of Grandmamma, while also receiving a Best Actress nomination along with Olivia Bond (aged 14) as Mrs Jenkins and both Kirsty Salmon (aged 14) and Olivia Wormald (aged 15)as the female narrators. In addition, there were also Best Actor nominations for fourteen-year-old pupils Oliver Nicholas as Mr Stringer and Billy Draper-Barr as the male narrator.

Deputy Headmaster Philip Bowen commended the cast and said “Wherever and whenever one looked, for every second of the hour, every member of the Company was in character and playing their part.”

Photo: Bromsgrove School pupil Paige Corcoran in her award winning role as Grandmamma in The Witches.