‘Eggcitement’ at Staines Prep this Spring

10 Jun 2013

Pupils at Staines Prep have not been dwelling on the uncharacteristically cold weather – instead they have been celebrating the joys of Spring with the help of some new little fluffy friends.

As part of Science Studies, Year 1 children have been learning about life-cycles with a specific focus on egg laying animals. Over the last 21 days the children have been observing three fertilised hen eggs as part of their research and investigations. Their patience was rewarded last Tuesday morning when a hole appeared in one of the eggs. During the day, under close observation, the first chick hatched. It was quickly joined by a second. The third chick finally arrived the following day. All three were greeted by a thoroughly delighted class and have affectionately been named Brownie, White Wing and Minie.

Mr Heath, Head of Science said: “The children have had a wonderful time watching the hatchlings and have even had the opportunity to stroke them. They are now learning how to take care of them as they begin to grow.”

Photo(L-R): Shivam Sinha(6), Monty Savarino(6), Phoebe Tait(6) and Vanessa Menkiti(6).