Epsom College – Juniors Delight Audiences With Spamalot

04 Jul 2019

A dedicated cast of 46 actors, eight crew, and six musicians, rehearsed tirelessly on this term’s junior production, with months of rehearsals, learning of lines, dances and songs.

Teacher of Drama, Rob Wells, said: “When working on shows one often thinks of them like an iceberg. Nobody sees the bit under the water. The months of endless rehearsals, the learning of lines, dances and songs. We only see the tip of the iceberg – the polished and perfected show.

The whole cast and crew should congratulate themselves on an epic performance and be pleased in the knowledge that they most certainly have encouraged the audience to walk away looking on The Bright Side of Life.

“Many of our students were making their debut on the Epsom College stage and it looks to be a bright future ahead for Drama at the College.”