Excellent GCSE results at St. Clare’s, Porthcawl

24 Nov 2017

Celebrations for students at St Clare’s School, in Porthcawl on results day 2017

St. Clare’s School in Porthcawl are celebrating excellent GCSE results today! St Clare’s has been delivering the English curriculum for GCSE examinations and not the Welsh which means that St Clare’s students sat the new reformed GCSEs in English Language, English Literature and Maths this summer. The new GCSEs will ensure that students leave school with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the 21st century. They cover more challenging content and are designed to match standards in the strongest performing education systems elsewhere in the world.

St. Clare’s are delighted to report how well the students performed:

As Headmaster Simon Antwis, explained, “Although University might seem a long way off when deciding on GCSEs, choices at this stage can directly impact on options when it comes to A-Levels and, in turn when applying to University.”

This year, in unreformed GCSEs, 37.8% (an improvement of just over 7% on 2016) of St. Clare’s grades were at A*-A (UK 22.1%) and 93.3% (an improvement of nearly 4% on 2016) of grades were at A*-C (UK 67.4%), with 86% achieving a “standard pass” at the new Grade 4+ and, even more pleasingly, 68% achieving a “strong pass” at Grade 5+ in English Language and Maths. 23% of St. Clare’s grades (UK 17.4%) were at Grade 7 or above, with Timothy Pottage securing the new top Grade 9 in Maths which is equivalent to an A**!

Sam Chumley and Kate Layland particularly excelled, gaining 6 A*, an A and 8,8,6 grades, and 5A*, 2 As and 8,8,8 grades, respectively. Edwards Pyves also performed superbly well and achieved 5 A*, A, B and 7,7,6 grades. They will all be staying on in St Clare’s excellent Sixth Form and plan to go on to top universities.

Simon Antwis, Headmaster of St. Clare’s School, said, “It is a pleasure to celebrate with our staff and students who have worked so hard to achieve these results. My congratulations go to all of our GCSE students and I wish them every success as they take their next steps into A-Levels and beyond.”