Faraday School and Maple Walk School – Animation Club

16 Jan 2019

Lives of the Artists

Our creative Animation Club has launched their latest film – Donatello and Brunelleschi.

The story, which involves original artwork by our pupils and is scripted and animated by the club is a collaborative project with Faraday’s sister school Maple Walk.

The animation is inspired by the seminal book by Vasari, Lives of the Artists.

Club leader and the producer of the film, Dora Martinkova, sent the film to leading historian and bestselling author Ross King, who is known for his work on Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Leonardo da Vinci.

Mr King said the film is, “…very creative, clever and entertaining…”

He added: “I love the ‘special delivery’ scene when the Crucifix comes to Donatello. The students have done real justice to the friendship of the two men! I also like the ‘subplot’ in which Donatello learns to accept and deal with criticism, and to make his art better as a result. There’s a lesson there for us all!”

Meanwhile, leading Art Historian Andrew Graham-Dixon shared our film on his website and called it, “Quite simply one of the best Art History programmes we have seen this year”.

Our club has gone from strength to strength and has already won a number of animation awards.

To see our other films, visit our Animation Club page.