Fiery Fun at Bromsgrove School

27 Feb 2013

Pupils from Bromsgrove Pre-Preparatory School and Nursery were transported back to 1666 to experience the Great Fire of London in an exciting part of their studies.

A visit from History group Living Past Times provided a fantastic finish for Year 1’s topic, The Great Fire of London. The children dressed up in different seventeenth-century costumes and took part in role play activities with historically accurate props. They also made Tudor house models which they watched go up in flames on the Forest School campfire. The events were brought to life as the children carried casualties in makeshift stretchers, used replica water squirts and made a human chain to pass buckets of water to douse the fire.

Academic Deputy Head Mrs Western said “It was a superb day full of learning. This experience of the Great Fire captured the children’s imagination and enriched their experience of the topic.”

Photo: Pupils from Year 1 at Bromsgrove Pre-Preparatory School watch the effects of the fire on their Tudor model houses.