Food around the world at Farlington

02 Feb 2012

Girls in Year 2 at Farlington in Horsham recently enjoyed a visit to the supermarket Morrisons as part of their ‘Food Around the World’ topic. Firstly, they visited the in-store bakery, where the girls were able to help to ice the cakes and fill with cream, and to find out how all the different types of bread are made by the bakers who arrive at 5.00 am. The girls were thrilled to be able to help add the ‘cross’ to a batch of Hot Cross Buns and saw them put into a huge oven. Then it was off to the refrigerated delivery area where the group had the chance to see how the fresh produce was stored – they even had the chance to stand in the walk-in freezer! It was interesting to learn the origin of all the fruits and vegetables displayed in the produce department; the girls discovered they were mainly imported from the Southern hemisphere. After a quick snack, the group headed into Reigate town centre to take a tally of all the different types of restaurant in the High Street as part of their maths data handling – 25 restaurants in all.

The opportunity to see how a supermarket works from the inside brought to life the work the girls have been doing in class.