Form 3 unbeaten all season!

02 Apr 2012

On the 1st of February 2012 Form 3 played a football match against Torwood House School. The Cleve House Team consisted of Edward, Jacob, Calum, and Declan, Tom, William D-A and William E.

We played the game near Torwood House School. It was a sunny spring day and the sun sparkled on the trees. Some of the parents and grandparents came to support the players.

In the first half the teams were playing at the same skill level until Tom scored an amazing goal. Then Cleve House got on the break again and again. Jacob and Edward also scored in the first half.
At half time the score was 3-0. The referee blew the whistle for the second half and straight away Cleve House were on the attack and William E scored and made the score 4-0.

Torwood House came back and slotted the ball passed William D-A, making the score 4-1. Cleve House scored 4 more goals and made it 8-1 and Jacob scored two of the goals giving him a hat trick. Then the referee blew the whistle for full time.

Miss Taylor was very pleased with how we played. Everyone played exceptionally well so it was hard to pick a man of the match. We came to the decision that it should be Tom for working well with his team mates and having good attacking and defending support.