04 Mar 2014

Greenfields recently implemented an English Language programme for Junior children as well as for Seniors. This runs in addition to short term EFL programmes during school holidays. The following are some comments made recently by the mother of one of the first junior children on the EFL programme:
“We were looking for a safe, friendly and highly rated school that is prepared to work with gifted children and, on top of that, is able to assist our daughter’s development with an EFL program. We did careful research and decided: Greenfields school has the best offer for our daughter and us.

It was a really good decision indeed.  Our daughter is gradually adjusting to the new environment and the stress was reduced by exceptional staff members. She is making fantastic progress in English and she is splendidly developing in other areas. She attends her lessons with real enthusiasm, loves dancing classes and joined some after school clubs.

We appreciate the method of teaching because we can observe an improvement in our daughter’s level of English as well as in writing and math. For our daughter the English language is still very new and very foreign. Despite this, she performs really well and she can feel the joy of learning.

We suppose there is no better recommendation.”

M.C. – Parent