Greenfields School – Free ‘Barriers to Study’ Booklet

07 May 2017

Greenfields School is distinctive in that it utilises the technology of learning developed by L. Ron Hubbard, known as Study Technology.

This teaches a student how to successfully learn and apply any subject. It emphasises learning knowledge and skills to actually apply it to a useful end, rather than simply learning to pass an exam or learning without any real purpose in doing so.

The Study Technology directly addresses those factors that often block a student from succeeding in what he or she is trying to study – being bogged down in the nomenclature and other misunderstood words in a subject, not having enough of the actual mass or things one is learning about to balance the significance, and not progressing at the right gradient (either too steep, or not steep enough).

Study Technology provides simple tools that any student can apply to overcome these common barriers to successful learning.

To learn more about the barriers to study download a free booklet here.