Greenfields’ Study Courses

07 May 2017

Greenfields School attributes its success to its utilisation of the discoveries about studying and learning made by educator and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. He began his research into the field of study and education in the 1920’s and while assisting students in an exacting training programme in the 1960s, he did further extensive research and became aware of the absence of any systematic research and methodology on the subject of study itself. He accelerated and concluded his own investigation into how people learn and the difficulties they encounter in the process, eventually identifying the primary reasons people have any difficulty studying or learning.

From these discoveries, he went on to develop;

methods a student can use to effectively study any subject for real understanding

methods a teacher can employ to effectively teach any subject for real understanding

ways to avoid the primary causes of study difficulties

exactly how to identify and resolve study trouble when it does occur.

This organised body of study became known as Study Technology, the first subject which actually teaches one how to learn.

Consider what you, the reader, would be like if you understood all the subjects you had studied and could use all the information – maths, grammar, music, photography, physics, and so on. Or, at the very least, were completely confident that you could pick up and study any subject and be able to apply that knowledge straight away.

Greenfields students have that opportunity.

From an early age students at Greenfields become familiar with the Study Technology, as delivered through the Study Technology courses beginning with ‘Learning How to Learn’ and progressing through ‘How to Use a Dictionary’ and the ‘Grammar and Communication’ course. In the Upper School, senior students complete the ‘Study Skills for Life’ course and the ‘Basic Study Manual’, both of which have internships to ensure that they become adept at applying the technology.

Greenfields offers FREE Educational Assessments and Individual Programmes to any child. Fees start from £59 per week meaning that this exceptional private school education is available to almost everyone. Please contact us for more details or arrange a tour of the school.


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