International aerial skiers Lloyd and Elodie both come eighth in the Junior World Championships

16 May 2013

Lloyd knew he had a lot to show the judges at the Junior World Championships in Valmalenco, Italy. Firstly he wanted to demonstrate that he has made huge improvement since his surprise 12th place at the event last year; secondly, he wanted to show that he has an equally talented little sister.
And impress they did. Lloyd, 18, performed two twisting double somersaults, a lay-full and a full-full to claim 8th place. “Absolutely stoked” as Lloyd put it. “Those tricks are easy enough once you have done them a few times, but landing in competition is always a challenge.”
Sister Elodie (15) only started competing this season, but her debut 6th place at the senior Europa Cup in Switzerland earlier in the month persuaded British selectors that she was easily at the required level. Elodie performed two back somersaults to take 8th place in the ladies event, an impressive result considering she will have another five years in the junior category. “It is such fun” said Elodie “even the crashes – I don’t mind and you get used to it”.