09 Jun 2017

On Thursday 18th May Year 3 pupils from King’s Rochester Pre-Preparatory School enjoyed a wonderful day at Deutsche Schule in Richmond.

After an introduction to the school and a joint singalong the pupils enjoyed a guided tour of the facilities before playing together. As a gesture of community between the schools, both sets of pupils crafted friendship bands. Head of Pre-Preparatory School Languages Katja Neubauer said “It felt like ‘a day in Germany’. Wunderbar!

Below are some write ups by Year 3 pupils.

We had to get up really early to arrive at school for 7.30. It took about two hours to get there, but it only felt like half an hour as we got to play lots of card games and read some books. When we arrived, we had a drink and biscuit. Then we walked through the magnificent playground to the school. We then went to the ‘forum’ where we greeted everyone and sang lots of different songs. It was amazing as German pupils and English pupils sang together. We split up into three groups, but we all did the same things, like making friendship bracelets, which was really cool and interesting. I then went on a tour of the school and visited the cafeteria, the headmaster’s office, reception and the computer room. All the rooms were massive, but my favourite was the computer room because it is shaped like a dome. I enjoyed the trip to the German School. It was a long day, but we had lots of fun. When we left we said goodbye and ‘thank you for allowing us to visit your school’. It was a lot quieter on the way home and a few people fell asleep. I will definitely not forget our trip to the German School.

By Etienne

I left home at 7.30. I went to the coach, it took two hours to get there. It was a very long journey. We had to bring a card game and a book. We had assembly together. It was wonderful. We sang songs to them and they sang songs to us. Then we got into three groups: A, B and C. We went into their classrooms and had a look and we did Art and Crafts and made friendship bands and after that we had a tour. We had two captains joining us on the tour. They had an amazing computer room. Then we had playtime. It was very fun. I played with some of the German friends. Then we had lunch. It was very tasty and delicious. Then it was playtime again. It was fun. After that we got on the coach again at 1.30 and we swapped seats with the front or back. We came back to school at 3.30 and went back home. It was the best trip I ever had. It was very fun and amazing. I loved going to the German School. I wish, I could go again. I loved the trip.

By Visali