22 May 2019

On Wednesday 15th May 2019, Ruben, Morgan, Ruvanthica and Tabitha, along with Mr Caithness competed in the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry.

They carried out two practical challenges, one based on analytical chemistry (The Salter’s Challenge)  the other (The University Challenge) on accuracy and reliability (The Iodine Clock).

Although there was a team of 4, the pupils worked in pairs, to ensure they all had as much hands-on experience as they could, and so they could verify their results.  The practicals were assessed not just on results, but on their methodology, organisation and safety.

Whilst the pupils were carrying out the practical challenges the teachers had a talk from the Royal Society of Chemists on careers in Chemistry and were shown around some of the Micro Biology research labs.

The pupil’s dedication and teamwork earned them 3rd place in the Salters Competition in which they were competing against a very strong field.